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 We can help.

Reserve a space here at Tottenham Community Sports Centre, right opposite Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

We are located in an easy to get to location on Tottenham High Road.

All our employees aim to give our customers the best service possible. 

As a charity we aim to help the community in any way we can, including reasonable prices for our services.

About Tottenham Community Sports Centre

Tottenham Community Sports Centre, the first sports centre in London, was first opened in 1969. This isn't just a sports centre, we are a charity dedicated to helping the community by bringing people together.


Check out what other people think!

"It was lovely experience shared with our boys! Stadium is massive, everything was clean and NFL Hospitality team was amazing as always!"

"The man at the front desk from Barbados is extremely helpful and friendly and exceeded my expectations! Please let him know he does a great job."


"Friendly crowd and always great service."

Eloise Smith

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Business Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

Give us a call at 02088016401


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